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Seeking Your Prayer & Support

Dear church, family, and friends:

I am excited about all that God has done over the last two years in and through Matthew’s Table. In total faith, we obeyed what God had uniquely called us to do and went from 20 believers passionate about reaching the west end of Owensboro to over 250 on most Sundays. I have heard and witnessed countless testimonies of God’s grace affecting those in that community, drawing men and women into a personal relationship with our beloved Jesus Christ! The gospel has been preached and God’s people are being reached in a way only God could provide. We are fulfilling the Great Commission baptizing numbers of new believers, teaching them to obey and follow Jesus in a powerful, life-transforming way. We are praying for the new year that God would continue to use us, raising up disciples of Christ and bless what he has already multiplied, glorifying God and making Jesus famous.

As we move forward into year three of Matthew’s Table with the Lord’s continued blessings we will need to start looking for a home to offer more administrative support, counseling, and discipleship. A home allows us to be capable of doing the work needed, unrestricted by another organization’s schedule. The Elizabeth Munday Center has been extremely kind to us and afforded us an amazing opportunity to gather there every Sunday for corporate worship and we are forever grateful. Many of you might have heard they have plans to make some changes, and although it may be a while before those things happen, the plans limit us in growing, as well as to the times and days we can gather there.

With that being said, the one thing we need most is a place to call home to serve our people on days other than Sunday (for a few hours) and Wednesday. We need a place where we can disciple those responding to the Gospel by offering more ministry opportunities. We have every desire to help our people with their marriages, life skills, and ongoing study of the Bible. We have managed very well by God’s grace up until this point, but know with the amount of outreach we do there will be more to come and more work to do that can’t be done in five hours on Wednesday and Sunday.

If you have a heart for inner city outreach, here’s how you can help us:

  1. Join in praying with us that God provides the perfect place for us in a specific location that continues to allow us an opportunity to reach the lost and broken.
  2. Spread the word and share this post to friends and family about this need. Prayerfully, you are able to find something we simply haven’t thought of or know about. Any direction you may be able to point us in would be much appreciated.
  3. Ask God if He would have you or your church partner with us through the usage of a facility or through the funds necessary to acquire a facility.

If you have any questions as it relates to such a God-sized request, please feel free to contact me.


Roger Chilton
Matthew’s Table
(270) 315-7379

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