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At Matthew’s Table, we don’t expect you to be perfect. In fact, if you are perfect, you’ll probably be really disappointed during our services. We’re a group of imperfect people chasing after a perfect God.

On Sunday mornings, we meet at 119 West 24th St. Here’s what you can expect when visiting our church. 

  • Church begins at 10:45 a.m. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early so you’re not feeling rushed. Don’t worry about what you’re wearing. Dress comfortably. Most people wear jeans or shorts, and a t-shirt, polo, or a hoodie.
  • Park in the parking lot and head on inside. You’ll find people waiting to greet you at the door and welcome you to church (they don’t shout for joy or act weird – they just smile, say welcome, hand you a program, and maybe give you a high five).
  • If you have children, walk down the hallway toward the check-in for our children’s ministry, Kids Table. One of our Kids Table volunteers will help you get your children signed in, and will happily answer any questions you have. Your child(ren) will receive a sticker with their name and a custom identification number. You’ll also receive a sticker with that same number, which you’ll provide to one of our volunteers after service when it’s time to check your child out.
  • Head into the sanctuary and find a seat. You’ll find we’re a lively church and we’re excited to see each other on Sunday mornings. No matter where you sit, you’ll see people giving each other hugs, high fives, hand shakes, and fist bumps when they see their friends and members of their church family. Somebody might walk by and shake your hand and tell you welcome.
  • Service begins with a short prayer and contemporary worship, following by a small time of brief fellowship where we shake hands and welcome newcomers to church. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to stand up and waive – a few folks will just walk by and shake your hand and say hello.
  • Following fellowship, one of our pastors will make a few church-related announcements, then we’ll move into our message for the day.
  • After the message, people are given an opportunity to respond during a final worship song. For some, this means going to the alter and meeting with one of our prayer team members, or going on their own to the alter. Some people accept Jesus during this time. Some approach one of the pastors with questions about salvation. Whatever you’re led to do, we’re here to spend this intimate time with you.
  • Following service, head to the Kids Table and pick up your child(ren) if applicable. 
  • We can’t wait to see you next week!